Frequently Asked


With so many people being unemployed here, why not just hire US workers?

We think that American businesses need to be more competitive in the global marketplace. And while hiring a US worker might be ideal, most employers will tell you that finding the right worker can be tough. Hiring workers from around the globe provides an alternative option that opens up a world of possibilities. This approach also helps shore up the bottom line of US companies, helping them continue to provide stable employment for all of the US workers they currently employ.

What will my customers think if they hear someone with an accent on the phone talking with them?

In our experience, a foreign accent is not what upsets clients and customers. Poor communication–or the lack of communication–does. That is why we pre-screen our remote workers to make sure they meet or exceed the communications requirements for the job at hand. We aim to place workers who are highly proficient at English. So while you might hear an accent on the other end of the phone, you will also hear a worker who is pleasant, competent, and easy to understand.

How can a remote worker get the work done if they aren’t in the same office with me?

In today’s world there are numerous tools available to employers and remote workers to help them work efficiently and productively, even in isolated locations. We can help you navigate those resources to make working with your global staff easy and effective. Our team will expose you to new technologies and train you how to deploy them if necessary. And with many of these tools being offered for free, there are few reasons not to engage in the learning curve!

Can I trust—really trust—an international worker? Won’t they steal from me?

Any business insurance agent will tell you that most stealing is done by a company’s direct-hire employees—not remote staff (like we provide). So the better question might be, “Can I really trust my US staff?” It is such a big issue that most business insurance policies have limitations or exclusions on paying out clams for direct employee theft, but those same exclusions don’t apply to contract staff. Most overseas workers are eager for the opportunity to work, and would not risk losing their job to make a small gain by stealing from “the hand that feeds them.”

How will my employees react if I hire international workers?

Global staff can be the resource that takes some of the load off your over-stressed staff. When used correctly, they are not a threat but helping hands that can make your regular employees’ jobs easier, more rewarding, and more secure. When you utilize remote workers in this way, your employees welcome them and all the benefits that come along with them. When your regular employees—who have helped you get to where you are—experience the benefits of having remote team members helping to carry the load, they will become strong advocates for bringing aboard those global staff members. Why? Because international workers are often called upon to perform repetitive or very time consuming tasks, freeing your workers to do higher level tasks that give more satisfaction—making them more valuable to the company. Who wouldn’t like that?