Who We Are

We are a different kind of staffing agency, advocating a Hybrid Staffing Model for today’s workplace.

Our team has been successfully operating virtual companies for over five years. With this experience, we coach our clients through the onboarding process as they hire remote staff workers. Our placement agents listen to your goals and needs, recruit well-qualified workers, and train you how to effectively communicate with them, so that you retain the best workers available and strengthen your company’s bottom line.

Your team will greatly benefit from adding a remote global staff member to your workflow!

How It Works

Using remote staff can provide you a significant cost savings! Most of our clients save between 30% and 50% of their per employee hiring cost!

Job Description

We listen to your goals and objectives, and help you craft a specific position that needs to be filled.


We find 3 or 4 pre-screened, qualified applicants for the position, and help you find the best fit.


We walk with you through the first 90 days to integrate your new team member into your workflow.


We resource and coach you to ensure that your new team member is effectively contributing to your team.

Working together remotely can be challenging at times but with today’s technology there are a myriad of free and inexpensive tools to help make the process more efficient and easy.
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